Hybrid Schedule Begins September 21st!

Ronald Reagan Elementary School Hybrid Information
Dear Parents and Guardians:
Welcome back! We are looking forward to having students in building starting Monday, September 21st! Under the hybrid schedule, students with last names A-L (Blue Day/X cohort) will attend Monday and Thursday while M-Z (Gold Day/Y cohort) will attend Tuesday and Friday. In order to balance classes, we have switched some students from a Blue day to a Gold day and vice versa. We expect to have all changes completed by the end of the day Monday, September 14. If we need to switch your child, we will reach out to you.
Working together, we will bring students safely into building and make this an amazing year for your children. Over the course of this week, you will be receiving communication that hopefully will clarify some of your questions and put your mind at ease as we move toward September 21.
First Day: All teachers will be on the playground grass area in the back of the school. Cones and signs will clearly identify each teacher. Staff will be available to direct students to the proper location. Upon arrival, students will either go to the cafeteria to eat or go directly to their teacher’s line up area. (See map)
Schedule: Our daily bell schedule and lunch schedule will remain the same as last year.
M/T/Th/F (No in-building school on Wednesday)
8:25 Students allowed on campus (No morning recess. When students arrive, they will either go to the cafeteria to eat or to their teacher to line up) 8:45 Bell rings and teachers take students to class 8:50 Instruction begins 3:44 School Day ends


Kindergarten 11:35-12:15
1st Grade 12:05-12:45
2nd Grade 11:45-12:25
3rd Grade 11:55-12:35
4th Grade 12:15-12:55
5th Grade 12:25-1:05

1. Masks/Face coverings will be required for all students and staff.
a. Students will wear masks while on the bus. b. At the start of the day, students will need to wear a mask when they step on campus. c. At the end of the day, students will need to wear a mask until they are off campus or in a car. d. Students will be required to wear masks while in the building. e. Throughout the day, there will be times when students will be able to take off their masks.
2. Staff and students will be asked to sanitize when they enter or leave the classroom
3. High touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day
4. To the greatest extent possible, students will not share school supplies.
5. Students will be screened for COVID-like symptoms at the start of the school day.
6. To the greatest extent possible, students will be asked to keep social distance.
Other considerations/reminders:
1. As the drinking fountains will be turned off, students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school.
2. If your student is ill, please keep them home. Please contact the school nurse if you have questions.
3. Due to COVID-19, no visitors will be allowed in the building unless special arrangements have been made. (This includes the first day of school and is the reason behind all teachers being visible and available in the grass area).
4. Your child will need to bring their iPad to school and home from school every day. a. If you are interested in purchasing insurance, the cost is $23 (The link is available on our webpage).

Thank you for your assistance as we bring students back into building. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Ryan Curry