Computer Lab

Welcome to our Computer Lab website Reagan families!
First, a note for parents: While we are learning from home your students can find their weekly computer and technology lessons here. As a technology instructor it is my intention to provide a variety of learning opportunities to your students. Some of our goals include: 
  • Learning about computer science; including the history and influence of technology on modern culture. 
  • Learning how to use a computer. (Tablet use can be very different from a standard desktop or laptop computer)
  • Learning about healthy and responsible technology use. For example: balance, safety, and digital citizenship.
  • Learning how technology can be used to improve our lives in a variety of ways.
  • Learning about possible careers inside of the STEM job fields. 
  • And others; such as: typing, coding, collaborating, and creating with tech tools! 
At school we use computers; however, I intend to include both unplugged activities and activities your student should be able to enjoy on their district provided tablet device. Please encourage your student to complete the "challenge" practice activities IF access to a desktop, laptop, or ipad keyboard is a possibility. These activities will help students maintain the computer navigation and typing skills they have worked so hard to develop this year. If that is not possible, no worries! Utilize the lessons provided weekly and our shortcuts to other games and activities. 
This is a unique and trying time for us as a community, a nation, and the world. Please feel free to reach out to me or any Reagan staff member if we can be of any assistance. These are new waters for us all, and we will get through them together!
Mrs. Stevens
Technology is all around us. During our time at home we can use it to improve our lives in many ways; like talking with friends and family or learning on our tablets! Use a bank sheet of paper and title it COMPUTERS. Take a tour around your home and draw every kind of computer you can find. Remember they may be hiding sneakily in every day items. 
Challenger Computer Activity: Practice your typing skills with Dance Mat Typing!
dance mat typing
We are going to write down or draw a picture for all of the ways we have been using technology to improve our days at home. Use a piece of paper and fold it into three parts. Label each of the parts with a title or a picture. The categories should be connect, learn, and other. Draw an image of friends or family to represent "connect". Write or draw an image for any way that you use technology to connect to others. Draw an image of a book or brain to represent "learn." Use this section to list how you have used technology to learn something new or work on your school work. Draw whatever comes to mind for the "other" section. This section can be anything else you might use technology for. For example, shopping, reading the news, or exercise! 
Challenge Computer Activity: Use your Microsoft log in to practice typing with typing agent. This should be your 131# with the ending and your computer password. Click the Typing Agent logo below to go to Typing Agent. Ask your teacher if you need help with this log in information!
Typing Agent Logo
        Typing Agent Logo easy cbm         Dance Mat Typing PowerMyLearning       Common Sense Media
 learning is fun
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 GOOGLE EARTH  EPIC   keyboard climber 2   santa tracker  student portal
 Wonderopolis factory balls sugar sugar 2 Typing Rocket  digital passport 
Zearn Fairy Tale Tech Access Into the book Teach Your Monster
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Bomomo Incredibox music lab auto draw abcya paint
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