New Information About Face Mask Requirements

Dear Reagan Family,

During Tuesday night's School Board meeting, the Board presented clarification on face coverings and approved exceptions. Face masks continue to be mandatory for staff and students. Gaiters and face masks with valves are not approved; face shields are allowable in the following specific situations:  

     • Students with 504 or IEP accommodations  

     • Staff with approved ADA accommodations  

     • Students and staff while working on phonics instruction  

In short, all students are now required to wear face masks. While I recognize that this might require some getting used to for some children, we will work hard to make the transition as comfortable as possible. 

Thank you for supporting Reagan as we implement and adhere to these changes. 

As always, please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. 

Ryan Curry

Principal, Ronald Reagan Elementary School

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